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Production of Puerh can be traced back to the Tang Dynasty (618-907). The exotic offering was first written about in the ancient treatise, "Book on Barbarians" published after a visit to ancient Yunnan province by a Tang government official. (Evidently the Imperialists didn't think too highly of the province's early inhabitants.)

In it he writes, "The tea is yielded from the mountains beyond Yinsheng City and picked from scattered trees without processing. Barbarians of Mangshe drink tea by cooking it with pepper, ginger and cassia." While this form of Puerh was certainly different from the Puerh cakes more commonly known in today's world, archaeological records indicate that the same style of specialized leaf fermentation was being implemented, so the classification fits.

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Fang Cha Shou Brick
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Shou Cake
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Sheng Cakes
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Fang Cha Sheng Brick
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Liu BaoNew Mexico Tea Company Liu Bao
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Sticky Rice Pu-erhNew Mexico Tea Company Sticky Rice Pu-erh
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Tangerine Pu-erhNew Mexico Tea Company Tangerine Pu-erh
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Tuocha Pu-er BlackNew Mexico Tea Company Tuocha Pu-er Black
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Dark RoseNew Mexico Tea Company Dark Rose
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Menghai Shou Pu-erhNew Mexico Tea Company Menghai Shou Pu-erh
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Pa Sha Sheng Pu-erhNew Mexico Tea Company Pa Sha Sheng Pu-erh
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Witch's Broom New Mexico Tea Company Witch's Broom
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100g White Peony Cake
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Bulang Raw Pu-erhNew Mexico Tea Company Bulang Raw Pu-erh
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Topaz PuerhNew Mexico Tea Company Topaz Puerh
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