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Ohio Tea Company, LLC was opened November 14th, 2015 by business partners David Edwards and Terry Gabet.

David opened New Mexico Tea Company in 2006 in Albuquerque, NM. He has been interested in expanding for many years, but never knew exactly the right way to do it until Terry approached him about opening a store in Ohio. Instead of simply opening another location, the two decided to start a new company using the experience David had built up over the years. NM Tea Co. and Ohio Tea Co. will share many of the same products and services, but each will be tailored to their respective regions.

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David Edwards

David drinks a lot of tea. He even tried to drink 40 cups of tea in a day. Luckily he also happens to run a tea shop. In 2010 David traveled to China on an exploration of all things tea. In spring of 2013 he traveled to Japan, and in the fall to Sri Lanka. He enjoys finding new teas and tea gadgets and bringing them back to New Mexico.

Terry Gabet

Terry Gabet has been interested in opening a tea store for 30 years. After retiring from the finance industry he decided to follow his dream and opened his own store. He is enjoying learning all there is about tea, and is excited to share his growing knowledge.

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