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Ohio Tea Co. is a small, family-owned business located in Canton, OH that prides itself on helping customers to enjoy the greatest experience possible by sharing knowledge of and an overall love for tea. With over 400 of the finest loose leaf pure teas, tisanes, unique hand-blends and herbs and accessories from around the world, there is sure to be something for everyone.


Ohio Tea Co. was started by Terry Gabet and David Edwards. Terry, who had previously worked as a Controller/CFO in the manufacturing industry, had always wanted to own his own business. He loved tea and used to work in a peanut shop while going to college, so every time he traveled, he checked out every tea, coffee, and peanut shop in town. In the summer of 2015, he was visiting his youngest daughter in Albuquerque and checked out a local tea shop. He liked what he saw and approached the owner (David Edwards) about possibly opening another store in Ohio. David was eager to help, and Ohio Tea Co. opened in the Lake Cable Shopping Center in November of 2015. Honestly, everyone thought Terry was crazy (especially his family) – here was a guy in retirement that on a whim decides to open a loose leaf tea shop. Even after the store opened, because it is a small community, you would hear rumblings that it could never last, yet here we are years later...and now it is a full on family adventure! The support that the shop has received from the local and extensive (customers from all over the United States) tea community has been phenomenal.

You can imagine at a lot of family get-togethers, conversations revolved around the tea shop. While the business continued to grow, Terry started thinking about succession planning. He wanted to find someone passionate to take over the business and of course was hoping someone in the family would want to team up with him. Lucky for him, the timing worked out very well. After teaching preschool for 15 years, Terry’s son-in-law, Kurt, decided it was time to make a (major) career change. He bought out the majority of David’s share of the business and is working toward totally taking over when Terry retires.

It was a big and exciting change for Kurt; going from mainly conversing with 3-5-year-olds every day to learning not only everything about herbs and tea, but to managing a business and everything that goes with it. He went from having all holidays off to them being his busiest work days of the year! It also meant a lot less lazy summer days. A change this big was scary, but he knew it was right and he hasn’t looked back. His family has never seen him happier.

If you are able to stop in the store, Terry is "the old tea guy" that is going to chat your ear off and Kurt is running around making sure everything that needs to is getting done. They both love that the tea shop provides a lot of opportunities to interact, share stories, and just listen to others. Everyone is considered family.

Terry & Kurt

Terry and Kurt

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