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Tropical Variety Pack

Ohio Blend

Price: $20.00

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This variety pack is six of our teas that make an amazing glass of fruity iced tea. You get enough tea for 5 individual glasses of iced tea or a liter pitcher. A great way to try some iced tea and figure out which one is your favorite.

This pack includes:

Alexis Blueberry -Click here for more info

Berry Sangria -Click here for more info

Bonita -Click here for more info

Mango Mist -Click here for more info

Tropical Green -Click here for more info

Watermelon Oolong -Click here for more info

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4 Stars

For fans of sweetness and fruity flavors, this pack says "ice tea on the porch. Tropical green and Berry Sangria are my favorites from this pack. I didn't care for the watermelon oolong myself.


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