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Sencha Oku Yutaka

New Mexico Tea Company
  • Spoon 1 tsp Per Cup
  • Kettle < or = 175°F
  • Timer 0.5 Min

Hot Tea Brewing Instructions:

Bring spring or filtered drinking water to < or = 175°F in a kettle. Add 1 tsp of tea leafs to a cup. Always pour boiling water over tea leafs and let steep 0.5 minutes.

Any of these variables can be changed to suit your particular palate, so experiment! Many teas can be steeped multiple times (especially green, white, and oolong). When steeping a tea multiple times increase the length of steep time slightly with each successive infusion.

Iced Tea Brewing Instructions:

1) Hot water method: For 1 gallon of iced tea, bring half a gallon of filtered water to boil in a pot. Turn off heat, and add 3 tablespoons (1 oz of tea), let steep for 0.5 minutes. Strain the tea into the other half gallon of cool water and refrigerate. If you want to serve immediately, you can pour the concentrate over ice to cool and dilute, then pour over ice again.

2) Sun tea: use a glass container and add 1 tsp of loose tea of each cup of water directly into the jug. Then set in the sun for a few hours, tasting occasionally to get the desired strength.

3) Cold brew: The slow cold-water-steeping method extracts natural sweetness and flavor from the tea leaf. It lessens the bitterness and tangy-ness produced by tannic acid so your tea tastes smooth and mild. Add 1 tsp of tea per cup of cold water and put in the refrigerator. When the water is chilled, your tea will be ready!

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Gift Tin w/ Label$4.00Holds approx. 4oz. of this tea.
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Label Art

*Single Cultivar Limited Edition*

Oku Yutaka means "Deep Richness" which is an apt description of this tea's deep and complex flavor. It has a marine aroma that is lightly herbaceous with a hint of shortbread cookies. When brewed, the liquor is a deep green. The flavor is savory with notes of brussel sprouts, sweet peas, and vanilla wafer. It's high in amino acids and low in bitterness.

Oku Yutaka was grown by Kawashima-san in the southwestern highlands of Shizuoka. His fields are grown in well-draining soil on mountain slopes at an average elevation of 150-200 meters. Kawashima-san is a passionate farmer who makes his own liquid fertilizer that is beneficial to the native microbes in the soil.

Cultivar: Oku Yutaka

Origin: Shizuoka, Japan

Style: Fukamushi (Deep-Steamed)

Season: Spring Harvest 2019

Aroma: Marine with a hint of shortbread cookies

Body: Thick and smooth

Flavor: Savory with notes of brussels sprouts, sweet peas, and vanilla wafers

Finish: Lightly umami and sweet, with no astringency


Fukamushi style, green tea (Deep-steamed) ,


Shizuoka, Japan


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