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Extra Sleepy Bear

New Mexico Tea Company
  • Spoon 1 tsp Per Cup
  • Kettle 212°F
  • Timer 7 Min

Hot Tea Brewing Instructions:

Bring spring or filtered drinking water to 212°F in a kettle. Add 1 tsp of tea leafs to a cup. Always pour boiling water over tea leafs and let steep 7 minutes.

Any of these variables can be changed to suit your particular palate, so experiment! Many teas can be steeped multiple times (especially green, white, and oolong). When steeping a tea multiple times increase the length of steep time slightly with each successive infusion.

Iced Tea Brewing Instructions:

1) Hot water method: For 1 gallon of iced tea, bring half a gallon of filtered water to boil in a pot. Turn off heat, and add 3 tablespoons (1 oz of tea), let steep for 7 minutes. Strain the tea into the other half gallon of cool water and refrigerate. If you want to serve immediately, you can pour the concentrate over ice to cool and dilute, then pour over ice again.

2) Sun tea: use a glass container and add 1 tsp of loose tea of each cup of water directly into the jug. Then set in the sun for a few hours, tasting occasionally to get the desired strength.

3) Cold brew: The slow cold-water-steeping method extracts natural sweetness and flavor from the tea leaf. It lessens the bitterness and tangy-ness produced by tannic acid so your tea tastes smooth and mild. Add 1 tsp of tea per cup of cold water and put in the refrigerator. When the water is chilled, your tea will be ready!

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Label Art

This tea contains herbs that have been traditionally known to have a calming effects on the body and mind to induce sleep. Drink 1 cup about an hour before bedtime. Can be drunk with milk if you like such things.

If you are interested in this same blend but without the valerian and hops try our starlight sleep blend.

Extra Info:

Valerian is most often used as an alternative medicine for insomnia in place of hypnotic drugs. It is also sometimes used as an alternative for sedatives, such as benzodiazepines, in the treatment of certain anxiety disorders.

Hops are also used in herbal medicine in a way similar to valerian, as a treatment for anxiety, restlessness, and insomnia. A pillow filled with hops is a popular folk remedy for sleeplessness, and animal research has shown a sedative effect.

Koalas are not bears... but this guy was too cute not to use on the label. And somehow "Extra Sleepy Arboreal Herbivorous Marsupial" does not have the same ring to it!


Valarian Root, Hops flower, Chamomile flower, Scullcap herb, Catnip leaf/flower, Peppermint leaf, Stevia leaf, Spearmint leaf, Passion leaf and flower, Lemon Balm leaf, Lemon grass, Lavender flower


This product is not intended to treat or cure any disease or dysfunction. Combing some herbal products with prescription or over the counter drugs may not be advised. Always consult your health care professional. This product has not been evaluated by the FDA. Discontinue use if you experience any difficulty breathing, hives, or skin irritation. Not recommended if you are pregnant or nursing, or for children under age 18.



5 Stars

Very good…calms as it says it does. Very unique taste: I think it had hoppes in it which really came through the few times I forgot about the steep in process and went off to do something.


verified purchase
Verified Purchase
5 Stars

This tea really does do what it says. It provides a calming effect and allows your mind to stop running. I would say drink it about a half hour before bed. I could also see this tea being great for anxiety as well, as it seems to work more quickly than my as-needed medication. It made me calm and slightly sleepy without forcing me to sleep. I was still very much able to write this review and get around before heading to bed. I have no doubt I will sleep like a baby. As for the taste, I enjoy it. It is slightly sweet, with just a hint of mint and floral, followed by the tart taste of the hops, which, of course, reminds me a little of beer for obvious reasons. It isn't anything too severe, and I find the flavor to be pleasant, complex, and soothing. Goodnight!


verified purchase
Verified Purchase

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