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Colonial Whiskey Rebellion

New Mexico Tea Company
  • Spoon 1 tsp Per Cup
  • Kettle 195°F
  • Timer 3-5 Min

Limited Release

Limited Release

Price: $5.75

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4oz(20% off)$18.40
8oz(35% off)$29.90
16oz(45% off)$50.60
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Gift Tin w/ Label$4.00Holds approx. 4oz. of this tea.
Extra Label$.50For your own tin (3.75" x 2.4")
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3 Stars

It is 1777, and you are in the colonial militia, between battles, and you decide to take a drink of that tea whose taxation you are fighting. There is a pot brewed in your camp, so you pour yourself some into the tin mug you used to drink whisky the day before. The smoke hanging in the air and the gunpowder blowing every which way has settled into the mug until the flavor of the tea itself is unrecognizable, but you drink it to the very dregs, for this is the flavor of the American Revolution, and this is the America you were born to save. If you are looking for that experience, I highly recommend this tea. I sometimes want this experience myself. If you are looking for a nice cuppa to wake you up in the mornings, I might try elsewhere first (although this would certainly wake you up). I personally am not a fan of smoky flavors anyway, so I might not be the best to judge, since the smoke outweighs the bourbon or the black tea in the flavor profile, but unless you know that you do like the flavor of smoke, don't expect to go into this and find your new favorite tea. However, I do recommend trying it, and maybe hosting a tea party at which you read the Declaration of Independence or something of that ilk, as it provides a feeling of great patriotism.


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